Tagged one of the legacy MFF characters. Personal data will only be useful for reaching low levels of the tenge realm and for capture, against characters with high evasion (thanks to 50% evasion ignore leadership).

For pumping additional. parameters of a mythical costume need such costumes:
-Spiderman from Confrontation;
-Punisher (military magazine);
– Hawkeye (opposition);
-Silk (spider web suit);
-Loki (lady loki)


Uniform Secret Wars: 1872
Side Super Villain
Leader Skill Apply to: All AlliesIgnores target’s Dodge Rate by +50%.
Team Passive
Gender Male
Allies Human
Base Tier Tier-1
Biometrics Story Mission
Custom Gear
ISO-8Set Bonus eye of a falcon


Etc Uniform BonusApplies to: Self

Ignores target’s Dodge Rate by +50%.