Marvel Future Fight update 6.0.0

Marvel future fight обновление 6.0.0
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In celebration of Marvel’s Black Widow, MARVEL Future Fight has prepared this April Update!

Figures from the past are now prepared to fight against Black Widow.
2 New Heroes, Red Guardian and Yelena Belova, have arrived!
Potentials have unlocked for 5 Characters  & Red Guardian has received an Awakened Skill! 
The stars of the April Update have received new looks with the 4 New Uniforms! 
The deadly agent Black Widow can now reach Tier-3!

Along with the new content <Legendary Battle – Black Widow>, experience battles in improved original game modes as Additional Rewards and new Dimension Battle levels have been added! World Boss Practice Mode has arrived!

Moreover, obtain the Future Pass by using points from completing the content!
We also prepared many things such as Additional Inventory Slots, various quality of life Improvements, and Error Fixes!

▣ 2 New Characters

2 well-trained Russian (Русские персонажи, ура) agents have arrived in MARVEL Future Fight!
Find out more about Red Guardian and Yelena Belova’s abilities!

Red Guardian

Yelena Belova

* New Character Skills are based on Level 1 stats.

▣ 4 New Uniforms

Uniforms inspired by Marvel’s Black Widow are released!
Stay tuned for Black Widow, Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, and Taskmaster’s new power!

Uniforms inspired by Marvel’s Black Widow

* New Uniform Skills are based on Level 1 stats.
* The 4 New Uniforms will be on sale during the event and will be available for purchase in the MARVEL Universe and Uniform Room after the event.

▣ 5 New Potential Awakened Heroes and a New Tier-3 Hero

Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, Daredevil, Mockingbird, and Agent 13 have had their Potentials unlocked and will be able to reach level 70 after the April Update.

 Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, Daredevil, Mockingbird, and Agent 13

Not only will Black Widow be able to reach level 70, but this excellent agent and an experienced hero will also be able to awaken new abilities through a Tier-3 upgrade!

If you want to know more about Tier-3, follow the guide below.
[Go to the Potential & Tier-3 Guide]

Black Widow

▣ New Awakened Skill

Red Guardian has received new Awakened Skill!
Complete the Potential Awakening Skill requirements to unlock their 6th Active Skills!

Black Widow T3

If you’re wondering how to awaken a character’s potential, look no further! Check out the guide below!
[Go to the Potential Awakening Guide]

[Potential Awakening Requirements]

  Red Guardian

Red Guardian

▣ New Legendary Battle Theme and Difficulty Balance

<Legendary Battle> reenacts many great scenes from MARVEL movies!
New theme has been added to celebrate the movie <Black Widow>.

[New Legendary Battle  – Black Widow]

Legendary Battle - Black Widow

  1. 6★ Taskmaster can be obtained by entering the <Legendary Battle – Black Widow> “Mercenary of Red Room” stage!

– 6★ Taskmaster can only be obtained if you do not have Taskmaster or have a 6★ below Taskmaster.
– This reward can only be obtained once when entering Legendary Battle for the 1st time.
Similar rewards can also be obtained from other themes.

  1. <Legendary Battle – Black Widow> must be completed using the designated heroes.
    There are 3 stages with many challenges and different patterns awaiting you.

Legendary Battle - Black Widow

Once the battle is over, challenge missions and daily clear count rewards can be obtained.
– Daily clear count rewards are also linked with other Legendary Battle themes!

[Black Widow Theme Normal Mode Challenge Mission Reward]

Legendary Battle - Black Widow

  1. Purchasing <Legendary Battle – Black Widow> Extreme Mode enables stages to be played at a new difficulty.Legendary Battle - Black Widow

– Legendary Battle Extreme Mode will unlock immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
– Legendary Battle Extreme Mode can be used continuously after purchase.

[Black Widow Theme Extreme Mode Challenge Mission Rewards]

Legendary Battle - Black Widow

  1. New items are added to Legendary Battle – Black Widow!

Get a Tier-2 Black Widow and 6★ Yelena Belova instantly
and complete Legendary Battle missions!

Legendary Battle - Black Widow

– A Special Deal pop-up screen will appear for those Agents who qualify.

[Legendary Battle Mode Balancing]

Some of the Legendary Battle bonus reward conditions have been improved for your convenience!

The difficulty of [Thor: Ragnarok], [Black Panther], [Avengers: Infinity War], [Ant-Man and the Wasp], [Captain Marvel], [Avengers: Endgame], and [Spiderman: Far From Home] challenge missions have been reworked.
– Some of the difficult missions such as uniform upgrades, type upgrades, and amplified enchanted uru will be balanced!

The difficulty of Legendary Battle – Normal Mode will also be lowered.

▣ New Content: Future Pass!

Get rewards by completing many MARVEL Future Fight missions and obtaining Pass Points!
Many items such as Tier-2 Advancement Tickets, Tier-3 materials, special icons, and more have been prepared for our Agents!

[What is Future Pass?] For a certain period of time, Future Pass contents will be available
and Agents can collect Pass Points by completing Challenge Missions and other content.
Obtained Pass Points can be used to collect 3 levels of Pass Rewards.

  1. Once the Future Pass Event is open, Agents may enter by clicking the banner at the bottom of the Main Lobby.Marvel future pass

– Future Pass is a seasonal event. Once the event is over, Rewards will no longer be obtainable and all Pass Points will disappear!

  1. Future Pass is divided into 3 steps, Normal / Legendary / Mythic.


Marvel future pass

Marvel future pass

Normal Pass is open to all Agents,
while Legendary and Mythic Pass can be opened through upgrade.

– Pricing is based on the US Google Play Store.
– The Future Pass Items 
effects will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.

– Legendary and Mythic Future Pass rewards will only be available during the season the pass was purchased, so please do not forget to check the remaining event time!

– The Mythic Pass can only be purchased after purchasing the Legendary Pass.

  1. In order to get rewards from each Pass, Agents must obtain Pass Points and upgrade their Pass Level.

Pass Points can be obtained by participating in a variety of game content and completing challenge missions.

– Complete all levels of each pass to obtain all of the rewards listed above.

– Each Pass reward includes the rewards of the previous Passes.
Ex.) Legendary Pass rewards = Normal + Legendary Pass rewards
Mythic Pass rewards = Normal + Legendary + Mythic Pass rewards

▣ Improved S.H.I.E.L.D. Support Items

Check out the S.H.I.E.L.D. Support Items with new benefits and a Subscription function!

More Inventory Slots are now available, and new benefits have been added for Timeline Battle and Shadowland.

[Added Information] [4/22 7:37 a.m. (UTC+0) / 4/22 00:37 a.m. (PDT)]

Incorrect information was previously provided about the S.H.I.E.L.D. Support Special Effects but has now been corrected. We apologize for the confusion.

For those Agents who purchased this item during the following period:

After the April Update is completed – 4/22 7:37 a.m. (UTC+)

After the April Update is completed – 4/22 00:37 a.m. (PDT)

A refund is available through a 1:1 inquiry sent to Customer Service for those Agents who qualify.

– S.H.I.E.L.D. Support Items will not be refunded as it will be in effect right after the purchase.

– Agents who already purchased the previous S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Support items will receive the updated benefits.

▣ New Dimension Mission level and Improvements

1. Up to level 15 will be available after the April Update!

Although the rewards of stage 11 – 15 are same as those of the previous stages,
the chance of obtaining valuable items and character experience acquisition is much higher

[Entry Requirements by Difficulty]

  1. Dimension Mission Contribution Reward levels have been added.
    – Newly added rewards can be obtained if Agents have reached Lv. 70 – 110 or higher.

– The rewards above can be obtained through earning all daily contribution rewards!
– A Rift Token reward is repeatedly available after obtaining all contribution rewards until the daily contribution count is reset.
–  There is a higher chance of receiving better Gold, Comic Card Chests, and Custom Gear Chests with an active S.H.I.E.L.D. Support.

  1. Agents can choose whether to use Ultimate Skills when using the Autoplay + function in Dimension Mission.

– Find where to set your preference by tapping on Settings on the in-game screen!

– Turning off the automatic ultimate skill use will disable the automatic use of both the ultimate skills as well as the potential awakening skills.

  1. Changing the Support Character List for the 11th or higher time no longer costs crystals, but gold.
    – The 11th change will also cost gold.

▣ Improved Shadowland

Play with Autoplay! Challenge yourself in the Shadowland for improved rewards.

  1. Some of the Shadowland rewards after the 31st floor have been improved.

[Shadowland Chest Item Change] – The chance of obtaining high rank items has improved as Clear Tickets, low rank Enchanted Uru, ISO-8, Comic Cards, and Custom Gear have been excluded.
– Some Uniform Upgrade Kits, Hidden Tickets, and Gold will be provided at an increased rate.

– The updated Shadowland Chest rewards will be applied through the 4/21 update.

  1. The Autoplay function in Shadowland has been added.
    (Autoplay will be divided into Autoplay and Autoplay+, which enables the use of skills. Autoplay+ is available through the S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Support.)

▣ Improved Alliance Battle Extreme

The Rewards in Alliance Battle Extreme have been improved, and a function which saves the information of previously used characters has been added.

  1. Rewards for achieving 300,000 or more in Alliance Battle Extreme have been added.

[4/22 12:32 a.m. (UTC+0) / 4/22 5:32 a.m. (PDT) added]

The chart has been changed due to incorrect information.

Comic Card Chest: Heroic – Legendary → Heroic – Mythic

We apologize for the confusion.

  1. A retry option is now available in Alliance Battle Extreme through the Settings button.
  1. When selecting characters, the most recently used characters for each day will appear on top and will automatically be assigned to a team.
  1. If an Agent enters battle and it becomes the next server day (3:00 p.m. (UTC +0) / 8:00 a.m. (PDT)), the Agent cannot spend Crystals to use the continue function.

▣ Improved Danger Room

In Danger Room, the character selection percentage  will be displayed and the score deduction based on the results will be improved.

  1. When selecting a character, the character pick percentages by other Agents can be checked.
  1. When the 1st pick Agent of an allied team is choosing a character, the leadership skill of the selected character will be displayed.
  1. The Victory Points awarded for winning a Danger Room battle have been increased.
  1. The Points deducted for losing in Danger Room have been reduced.
  1. Some Danger Room boss Ignore targeting patterns have been reduced.

▣ World Boss Improvements and Practice Mode

The Resistance Ability and Practice Mode have been added to World Boss!
Fight against powerful extraterrestrial beings using the right heroes!

[What is Resistance Ability?] If a World Boss receives the same status effects more than twice from 1 Striker, the Resistance Ability will activate. The status effects will last for a shorter period of time depending on the number of times the status effects have been affected.
* Stackable effects will only stack once and they will not stack while immune is active.
(If immune is no longer active but an effect is still applied, the effect will stack.)
* The Resistance Ability will only apply to Striker skills and will not affect the skills of the heroes controlled by the Agents.
* A received effect sets a count, and if other Strikers’ use the same effect, the count will be shared.
* Lasting time of an effect will not decrease any lower than 1 second.
* Once an effect has been applied, the same effect will be ineffective for 5 seconds.

  1. Resistance Stats System has been added to the Ultimate World Boss difficulty.
    * Beginner and Normal level World Boss do not have the Resistance Stats.

The Ultimate World Boss Resistance Stats become stronger as the difficulty increases.
A notice will appear if the Agents’ Resistance Stats are lower than the World Boss’ Resistance Stats!

– The Agent Resistance Stat can be increased by completing the World Boss and increasing the Conquer Levels.
– Unlike Valor, Resistance will be individually applied to each World Boss, so Agents must increase each Conquer Levels!

  1. You can check the skills that your allies will use on the Choose Allies screen.
  1. World Boss Practice Mode has been added.
    – Once all World Boss entry counts are used, Agents will be able to access Practice Mode for previously available World Bosses.
    – Using Practice Mode does not count towards challenge missions and does not give rewards.

▣ Squad Battle Improvements

More daily rewards are available, and Squad Battle is now more convenient to play!
Reach higher scores in Squad Battle with your heroes!

  1. Daily Squad Battle Rewards have been added.

– Daily Rewards will reset at 3:00 p.m. (UTC+0) 8:00 a.m. (PDT). You can collect them once a day.
– Rewards will be given regardless of battle scores after the first play of the day.

Squad Battle Daily rewards will be given according to each league.

  1. Round Reward scores have changed to the sum of the battle scores achieved by Agents + the bonus scores.
  1. The Squad Battle score rules and effects have been improved.

▣ A New Uniform Collection

New Uniforms and Heroes from MARVEL’s <Black Widow> are available!
Many rewards will also be granted by completing the collection requirements.

▣ 5th Anniversary Comic Card

In celebration of MARVEL Future Fight’s 5th Anniversary, this 5th Anniversary Comic Card has been added.
The Comic Card Event information will be delivered through a separate notice.

▣ Special Icon System 

It’s time for our Agent’s profiles to get something new!
Special icons will now be available for selecting as a representative icon along with the existing character portraits.

– New special icons can be set as your Main Icon once they are obtained!
– Special icons can be obtained through content completion, Future Pass, or as event rewards.
– Tap the “use” button in the inventory to activate an acquired special icon for use.

▣ Other Information

  1. 100 Inventory slots have been added.
  1. The maximum option information can be checked when changing C.T.P. options.
  1. The names of gear selected as ingredients can be checked on the Custom Gear Enhance & Option Change screen.    
  1. An Upgrade All pop-up message will automatically appear after selecting Upgrade All in the Comic Card menu.
  1. When awakening ISO-8, an ultimate boost ISO-8 can now automatically be selected.
  1. When using Sell All to sell ISO-8s, a type of ISO-8 can be selected, and selected ISO-8s will be displayed on the bottom of the screen.
  1. Character advancement & mastery can now be continuously upgraded.
    – Advancement tickets cannot be used on native Tier-2 characters.
  1. Total number of Biometrics can be checked in the Inventory.
  1. While scrolling through the Store, the Store Menu will now disappear to display more items at once.
  1. Some packages have been combined into bundles for convenience.
  1. The ability to log in with an  iOS Apple ID has been added, and the design of the Account Settings has been partially changed to accommodate this.
    – The Game Center log in function will still be available.
  1. Text has been improved to help Agents to easily check token deficiencies for many game contents.
  1. The <S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy – Agent Training> missions will be emphasized in the Navigation List.
    – Don’t forget to try out the new Navigation Tutorials!
    – The Navigation pop-up is enabled in the standard settings,
    If you want to turn off the automatic pop-up, please go to Settings-Options!
  1. Type Advancement Tickets have been added.
  1. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab – Success rates will appear when making items using Crystals.
    – More information about the rates will be introduced through a guide.
  1. New characters will be displayed at the front of the character list on the My Team menu upon acquisition. 

▣  Game Error Fixes

1. The issue where skill effects would not appear when wearing the Wolverine <House of X> and Magneto <House of X> Uniforms has been fixed.
2. Free items in the Support Store will no longer trigger a VIP benefit message.
3. The skill effects that would excessively cover Scarlet Witch <All-New, All-Different>’s hands in some animations have been fixed.
4. Scarlet Witch <Classic> and Scarlet Witch <Avengers: Infinity War>’s Collapsing Reality skill (Active 5 skill) falling meteorites will no longer appear transparent.
5. Scarlet Witch <Classic> and Scarlet Witch <Avengers: Infinity War>’s Collapsing Reality skill (Active 5 skill) falling meteorites will now land in the correct places.
6. In World Boss, “All Defence Down” effect not being applied when Sentinel <Nimrod the Lesser> is a Striker has been fixed.
7. Mystique’s “Mutant Assassin” skill has been fixed to enable attacking a target while under the influence of an ignore target effect.

We hope you have a fun time with the new heroes!
We will return with new heroes and content fixes in the next update.

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