Soon in the game update 5.5 and by tradition netmarbl update should be global.

As long as we have four sneak peeks, let’s take a look and think about what can be added to the game.

The first sneak-peek tells us that two new characters will be added that are not in the marvel universe, these characters were invented by netmarble itself. Probably they were in comics about the Moon, Fox and Crescent, which were presented at Comic-con in New York.

The characters will be near the top and maybe someone will get T3, although probably not immediately or T3 will give Crescent.

Sneak peek 2 shows us that soon Crescent, Luna Snow and White Fox will receive new uniform.

It’s both good and bad, it’s bad that two donation characters and pumping uniform will need to be tickets, which are rare, and Fox will take care of heroic adventures and pumping her uniform will cost more than 1000 crystals.

But in general, new uniform always wear out characters and if the Moon is now one of the top persons, then what can she do in a new suit. Well, wait and see.

Sneak peek 3, hints at new uniform for five characters.

  1. Scarlet Witch
  2. Rogue
  3. Vision
  4. Saber-toothed
  5. Quicksilver

And this is a hint of T3 for the Scarlet Witch, although such a hint to herself. Usually T3 is hinted at in a separate snick-peak.

I would like Vision and Rogue to up.

Sneak peek 4, the video shows the new character Dr. Voodoo.

It would seem like an ideal option to add new epic adventures, but most of the heroes are already in the game.

So while we are waiting for a new update about the update.