And so, the map guide in Marvel Future Fight, let’s go.

Hard problems with the card. At the level of pumping their accounts, I go nuts from their cards. No cooldown, no ignore defense.

The game has 4 important parameters in the comic card.

mff guide comic card

Attack speed – 19-22%, this is the animation speed of skills. Cap (the maximum value is 130%, but each character already has a standard 100%). For example, the Apocalypse in ABX can cast 3-4 skills at the same time.

Ignore  defense, he is also breaking through the defense – 33-42%. Character penetration cap is 50%. If your characters have 45 or even 49.9, then get them up to 50%. Ignore defense can be compared with an attack, 1% of the ignore will be equal to about 3% of the attack. 50% of any attack, but it will be 12%

Max health is 30% +, but do not do 50 and 40, otherwise you will see other parameters.

Skill cooldown is 23-28%. Recharge time is important for two modes if you play with your hands. In fact, the value should be 50%.

I have a Scarlet Witch, 50% recharge and when playing in capture mode, she does not behave very much due to the fact that she is weak, first she uses 1 skill, then maybe 2.3, but then again 1, because that he had already faded. This has its drawbacks.

At the very beginning, the cooldown option is important to you, because you will go through all the PVE and at aliiance conquest and in the timeline battle, your participation is not particularly important.

Some of the free, relatively good and relatively easy to farm cards are:

  • Loki: Agent of Asgard #17 (Dimension Rift – Loki)
  • Avengers #318 (Dimension Rift – Nebula)
  • Groot #5 (Dimension Rift – Groot)
  • Star Lord #2 (Dimension Rift – Yondu)
  • The Punisher #19
  • Avengers Origins: Thor #1
  • The Unbelievable Gwenpool #1