Hello, Gidra!

Galactus, one of the biggest threats in the universe, approaches our world! Now that he is headed our way, new heroes must come together with the First Family to prevent our destruction.
Get ready for the battle against Galactus in a new Giant Boss Raid stage!
Here is a closer look at what you can expect in the August update of MARVEL Future Fight[1]  together with MARVEL’s 80th Anniversary!

Three new characters will be joining us in the battlefield: Namor, Silver Surfer, and Wave will be added to the ever-expanding roster of MARVEL Future Fight!
The First Family also returns with four new uniforms to support them in the latest threat.
Also, three more characters will be able to realize their Potential to boost their abilities!
Last, but not least, the King of Atlantis also comes with new powers! Namor Tier-3 will be available!

A new Giant Boss Raid stage will be added where you can face off against Galactus and earn improved rewards!
A new Heroic Quest will be added where you can enjoy Wave’s story and follow her as she grows into the hero she is today.
Improvements will also be added to the new Enchanted Uru System and Type-Enhancements, as promised.
And to help you out, new login rewards and contents have been improved.

▣ Added 3 New Characters

New Super Heroes have come together to face Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds.
Take advantage of the powers of the Guardian of Ocean, Namor, the newest Filipina Super Hero, Wave, and Silver Surfer, who was once the Herald of Galactus.

Namor marvel future fight

Wave marvel future fight



*Silver Surfer is a Native Tier-2 Character.

*The Skill descriptions shown are based on Level 1.

▣ Added 4 New Uniforms

Celestial beings have begun to threaten our planet! Prepare to defend Earth with new uniforms to further boost the abilities of the First Family members!

Uniforms added for Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing.

* Uniform Skills are based on Level 1
* The 4 new uniforms will be sold at a discounted price during the event period.
You can check out the uniforms and purchase them in the MARVEL Universe or the Uniform Room even after the event period.

▣ 3 More Characters Can Now Realize Their Potential and New Tier-3 Character

The August update will see Wave, Namor, and Silver Surfer realize their Potential, allowing them to reach Level 70.

After unlocking Namor’s Potential, you will be able to further strengthen the King of Atlantis with his Tier-3 boost! Check out the details of his Ultimate Skill below to turn the tide of battle.

▣ Improvements to Giant Boss Raid

The content where Agents must overcome a giant boss with their cooperation will be receiving improvements! This is thanks to the feedback we were able to gather from our agents in our past survey event.

1. Galactus will now be available in the Giant Boss Raid.

– Galactus can only be challenged on Saturday 3:00PM (UTC+0) 8:00AM (PDT) – Sunday 2:59PM (UTC+0) 7:59AM (PDT).

2. Clearing Galactus will give you the chance of obtaining Biometrics for Native Tier-2 Silver Surfer.

– Silver Surfer’s Biometrics can only be acquired 10 times a day.

* A minimum of Biometric: Silver Surfer X 1 can be obtained by clearing the Giant Boss Raid and can only be obtained 10 times per day.

  1. Balancing of rewards have been made to the Giant Boss Raid game mode, with a slight increase to the number of acquirable Type Enhancement Kits.

* The rewards can be acquired with a certain probability when clearing the Giant Boss Raid one time.
* The Biometric: Silver Surfer can be obtained only 10 times per day.
* Using Boost Points will increase the number of rewards, item acquisition chance will also increase if you meet the bonus character conditions.

  1. Improvements have been made to allow Agents to invite their friends from the waiting lobby room of Giant Boss Raid.

– Only online friends can be invited.

  1. From Giant Boss Raid, the Bonus effects given when reinforcing Type Enhancements have been improved.

▣ Added New Heroic Quest Pack

Special contents to learn more about Wave now available! Check out the new Quest Pack “Wave of Destruction!”
Join Wave on a journey through 4 stages.

– A fixed amount of Crystals is required to enter the “Wave of Destruction” Heroic Quest but additional rewards will be available as compared to regular Heroic Quests Packs.

▣ Improvements to the Type Enhancement System

The Type Enhancement system has been improved to make it more efficient for characters. Make sure to use it to strengthen your characters even further.

1. Material Fusion for Type Enhancement Kit has been improved.

[Material Enhancement]
You can obtain a higher rank of Type Enhancement Kit by enhancing Type Enhancement Kit!

[Material Disassemble]
You can obtain a lower rank Type Enhancement Kit by disassembling Type Enhancement Kit!

– When you disassemble a higher grade Type Enhancement Kit, it will be disassembled into a 1⋆ Type Enhancement Kit.

2. Necessary materials for Type Enhance have been simplified.

– Type Enhancer, Norn Stones and M’kraan Crystals are no longer needed as Enhancement Materials for Type Enhancement.
– Type Enhancement now only requires Type Enhancement Kits and Gold!

* After the update, Type Enhancer will no longer be used. All remaining Type Enhancer in your inventory will be replaced to a Type Enhancement Kit depending on the Type directly to your Inbox.
* The amount of Grade 1 Type Enhancement Kit is based on the number of Type Enhancer you have/ 4 (rounded up to the nearest whole number).
Ex.) If you had 110 Type Enhancer:
110 / 4 = 27.5 -> 28 (round up)
You will receive 28 Combat / Blast / Speed / Universal Type Enhancement Kits (a total of 112 Type Enhancement Kits)
* The Type Enhancement Kits will be available in your Inbox for 7 days, make sure to claim them before they expire.

▣ Improve Enchanted Uru System

Following the July update, Enchanted Urus have been improved further.
Check below for the list of improvements made for your convenience.

1. Added a continuous Uru combine function to same Types, same Rank as many times as possible.

– For continuous Combine, only Urus of the same rank, type can be used. Only Enchanted Uru: Mythic cannot use the continuous Combine function.

  1. Function to enhance equipped Enchanted Urus.

– Equipped Urus can be combined in order to obtain a higher grade.
– Combining continuously is available for Enchanted Urus of the same type and grade.
– You cannot combine Mythical rank Urus.

3. Enchanted Uru Amplification UI has been changed. 

– Tap on the Amplify button to display a pop-up window for amplifying Urus.

4. Improvements have been made to help prevent Odin’s Blessing to be chosen as materials for batch combine.

5. When an Odin’s Blessing is obtained it will be announced throughout the public chat boards.

▣ Added a New Uniform Collection [Future Foundation]

A new theme has been added to the Uniform Collection to help celebrate the launch of Fantastic Four’s new uniforms.
Register all four uniforms with the specified conditions and receive special rewards upon completion.

▣ Other Game Improvements

1. A probability button has been added to packages in-game that require players to draw from a list of rewards.

  1. Character Usage Tips have been improved to give more information regarding ignore immunity. 

▣ Others

1. After the update, the cost of unequipping Urus will be reverted from being free to a certain amount of Crystals.
2. Fixed an issue where the “Resurrection” ability is being removed when using the Ultimate Skill of Doctor Strange, Images of Ikonn, to defeat an opponent. The following changes have also been made to the skill.
Existing: Incapacitation (Removes Active Buffs from target)
Changed: Incapacitation (Removes ALL Buffs from target)
3. Added specific skill descriptions for debuff immune effects when affected, such as defense reduction.
4. Fixed the afterimage of Iron Man [Team Suit] uniform to be shown properly.